Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How much starting capital will I need?

Answer: How much capital is entirely up to you. Start with $50. Which in turn makes $100. When you turn the recyclables in for compensation is entirely up to you. You can do it hourly, daily, weekly or monthly depending on your individual needs.

  • What type of vehicle?

Answer: Technically you can use any type of vehicle. Ideally you would want to use a truck of some sort. Again this is entirely up to you. The back seat of a car works just as well if properly prepared.

  • How do customers contact me?

Answer: Customers contact you through your website contact and scheduling forms. Advertising is strictly up to you. You can use social media, door hangers in specific neighborhoods, flyers at recycler locations. It is absolutely 100% dependent on how ever you see fit. Never under estimate the power of social media and knocking on doors with local businesses and word of mouth. Supplying a recycling container as a loaner goes a long way with business / store fronts. You can find them in our store if you decided to go that route.

  • Do I need a business license?

Answer:  The short and the skinny of it is yes if you meet the IRS definitions of a business vs a hobby even if its a cash only type of operation. Being a sole proprietorship you wont need an employee identification number your social security should be fine for tax purposes. Even PayPal requires one. You will need to confirm all information with your tax preparer, but in this case for example web server fees, business license, printing and advertising cost, vehicle mileage you receive X amount of a deduction per mile driven etc. It all adds up and can be significant. Even Uber and Lyft recommends that you get a business license because you considered independent contractors. You can find more information here IRS webstie

  • How to measure the exact weight?

Answer: Ideally what you would want to do is have an ACCURATE scale with a container to weigh the materials in. Either tare the scale before weighing or subtract the container weight depending on the scale that you use. On average it takes approx 32 12oz cans to equal a pound. On average most people don’t recycle until it is worth while ” other than people collecting daily beer money “.  You can choose what type of materials you recycle. Just let your rep know upon sign up.

  • How much time do I have to invest starting out

Answer: Like starting any business there is a small amount of time involved when first starting. But think about it. How much time do you invest in finding a job? Filling out applications, performing endless job searches, etc. A few hours a week should produce residual clients and results.

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