We are glad to have you aboard this very noble cause. When signing up you are subject to our terms of service. It is your responsibility to review our policies and abide by them. Please read the following information carefully before signing up. Im sure you will be excited for the opportunity that awaits you as you endeavor into an unprecedented opportunity in your area. Upon purchase of our service you will be contacted in 2 to 4 hrs with your new advertising url. Please allow up to 24 hrs depending on time of purchase for complete setup. Normal business hours are kept and there are, of course, time zones to consider ( PST ). You will also be assigned to a support representative and given helpful proven suggestions to advertise your new business.

Whats Included


We are extremely excited that you decided to continue onto your new adventure with earning potential that is only limited by the amount of time you place into growing your new business.  So what exactly do we offer?

  • We provide the website tailored to your specific needs within the limits of our vision.
  • We provide all of the web hosting, maintenance, and the entire structure of this tremendous opportunity with no coding required. We have done it all for you.
  • You will receive a webpage using your name or the city of your choice under our rich, and mobile responsive platform with your contact information included.
  • You advertise your site/url however you see fit.
  • When users sign up on your page for an appointment. You receive all of the contact information, appointment schedules made, the ability to confirm or deny the appointment or to reschedule based off of your individual needs.
  • Pick up structure must be subject to your local recycling compensation and payed out to the customer at 50 cents on the dollar.

Just think! You receive all of the appointments that you are willing to confirm, you map out your route, spend a couple of hrs daily earning unlimited revenue based off of the amount of hours you want to put into your business. And here’s the best part. You are helping to keep this beautiful planet green and healthy for generations to come.

I know what you’re thinking. What’s the catch?  Fortunately there is no catch, however, there is a nominal web development, franchise licensing  and hosting fee of $50 annually. That’s literally 13 cents a day for a no hassle website preconfigured to your needs with up to a 99% up time along with URL customization!  Please refer to our TOS. The cost is nominal, but the rewards can be astronomical.

Multiple Plans to choose from

  1. Basic $50.00 annually= You get everything mentioned above
  2. Premium $60.00 annually= Coming soon. All prescribed basic users will automatically upgrade to this feature when it becomes avail
  3. URLs / Domain Names are based off of availability

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