Terms Of Service

Users of HomeSteadRecycling can use this platform for the sole purpose of advertising this personal home based business franchise, or schedule a pickup from a member that has a personal page on our platform or purchase merchandise from our store. Note that products listed in our store are 3rd party vendors. We have merely given advertising space for them and all transactions that take place are according to their terms of service. Any other use is strictly prohibited. is strictly a hosting platform, and personal correspondence is between you and the proprietor of the individual domain that you contacted. .

Schedulers; You agree when using this platform that correspondence is between you and a 3rd party / independent contractor / franchisee and that HomeSteadRecycling is NOT responsible for any misrepresentation or misunderstandings between you and the owner of the individual website being advertised in your area. Websites that are advertised on this platform are intended strictly to help the community, the environment, and to help individuals earn extra income with providing a convenient way for people to recycle. It is important when contacting your local HomeSteader that you inquire to the services that they provide as far as what type of pickups they do. Each provider is free to set their own terms.

Website owners; You agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner, not to over change the advertised pricing structure advertised on 50% of your areas recycling / recyclers purchase price. However items that you wish to recycle is entirely up to you. Some may only recycle aluminum cans where others may recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles, tv’s, batteries etc. Once your individual’s domain has been issued there are no refunds and that domain belongs to you for 1 calendar year. At which time if you wish to continue to host on’s platform a renewal will be required.

Disputes. In the event of a dispute in which a compromise cannot be reached by any and all parties, you the user be it a scheduler, independent website ” sub domain ” owner, or any other type of user agrees that all unresolved disputes will be submitted and heard by a mutually agreed upon licensed Arbitrator in the state of California, City of Sacramento through a selection process out of a list of 10 Arbitrators. Each part will scratching a name off of the list until there is only one left. Whichever party brings forward the dispute shall forfeit their right to scratching the first name off of the list. The remaining Arbitrator will hear and decide the case. The arbitration shall be legally binding by all parties with a potential award being no greater than money paid to in one calendar year. Arbitrator fees shall be shared. owner, owners, officers, employees are not responsible for any associated travel or legal expenses, and such expenses are not to be sought after in arbitration. In the event that a dispute should arise by an individual sub domain owner and a compromise cannot be reached will assist after all reasonable efforts have been exhausted. In the event that a compromise still cannot be reached shall assist in any reasonable way possible the user in arbitration. in no way and shall not be held responsible for independent contractors misuse of’s services or mis practices. is Not responsible for 3rd party server down time.

These Terms Of Service are subject to change. It is every users responsibility to familiarize themselves with the TOS.